At over 2300 meters of altitude inside the Teide National Park, with a huge professional telescope, you will be able to see deep-sky objects such as galaxies, nebulae and star clusters from a few thousand to several million light years away! When they are visible you will also be able to see all the planets of the solar system and the moon with exceptional clarity.
We will take you on a virtual journey through the cosmos revealing all its secrets!
Furthermore, at the end of our tours, it will be possible to connect the mobile phone or a reflex camera to the telescope to photograph incredible details and colors of objects, normally impossible to perceive with the naked eye! (Find why out)

If, on the other hand, you are already an expert in astronomy and want to learn how to take astronomical photos, you can choose a personalized tour where you will have a 12 “Ritchey & Chrétien with equatorial mount, fully automated and equipped, we will teach you in detail how to capture spectacular photos and the techniques base to process them!



A group tour where you will have available a huge telescope, to discover all the secrets of the universe through a detailed explanation with the possibility of connecting the smartphone to the telescope and taking spectacular photos.

Tickets from 18 euros

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Surprise your partner with a unique and special gift! On honeymoon, anniversary or birthday. You will have a guide and the telescope at your complete disposal. The perfect tour also for a family or a small group of friends.

Tickets from 199 euros

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A spectacular tour observing the Sun with a special telescope in H-alpha, the Moon and the planets of the solar system. Only available when the Moon is visible in the sky.

Tickets from 18 euros

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Do you want to learn how to take astronomical photos? Capturing the starry sky or the Milky Way above one of Tenerife’s fantastic views? Then this is the tour for you! All you need is your camera, a flashlight and a good tripod.

Tickets from 95 euros

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If you are passionate about astronomy and want to take the leap in quality by entering the world of deep sky astro photography you will not find anything better than this tour. We will go to 2300 meters under one of the darkest skies in the world (between 21.8 and 22 mag /arcsec²) and you will have at your disposal a fully automated 12-inch Ritchey & Chrétien with a professional cooled CMOS camera.

Tickets from 135 euros

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My name is Alessandro Marchetti and I am the founder of Astrophototour, I have been passionate about astronomy since I was a child and in ’95 I started working as a volunteer at the observatory and planetarium of the Persicetani Astronomy Group, based in the province of Bologna, in northern Italy.

Over the years I have multiplied my knowledge of astronomy and still today I always have something new to discover and learn.

In these years I have had the pleasure of sharing this wonderful science with…

The transparency of the sky, the quality of the air and a strategic geographical location close to the Tropic of Cancer make Tenerife one of the most suitable places in the world for astronomical observation. This is witnessed by both astronomical tourists and expert scientists, who have found on the peaks of Tenerife the ideal enclave to admire the celestial vault. There is a reason why in the Teide National Park there is the Observatory and the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands, which has the collaboration of 19 countries and is equipped with the latest technologies for the optimal study of the sky. The observatories are located 2,400 meters above sea level, where the unique sea of ​​clouds generates a natural layer that protects them from light pollution from the coast and the atmosphere is clean and calm.