When the Moon is visible and high in the sky, it does not allow deep sky objects to be seen; but it is a great opportunity to see the Moon! Craters, mountain ranges, seas full of solidified lava… so many details are visible through the telescope.
But on this tour we will not only see the Moon, we will take a virtual journey through the solar system!
We will start one hour before sunset by safely observing the sun, our star. With a powerful 120mm refractor and Daystar’s special H-alpha filter we will be able to see the sun’s incredible surface activity:
The chromosphere, the ‘surface’ of the continuously moving gas above the photosphere .
The protuberances, huge flame-like jets of solar plasma four or five times the size of the Earth. The spicules, very fast jets of solar mass reaching 30 or 50 km/s, these phenomena last only a few minutes and we can literally see their movement through the telescope.
The sunspots, cooler areas thousands of km large connected to the sun’s complicated magnetic field.

After observing the sun, we will wait for sunset at one of the best observation points on the island, take some souvenir photos and immediately afterwards observe the Moon, I will explain how it was formed, why there are thousands of craters and some lesser-known features of our natural satellite.
Next, we will point the telescope at the planets of the solar system, depending on the time of year we might see Venus, the brightest and closest planet or Mercury, the smaller. Mars with its icy polar cap and vast canyons, it is visible every 26 months; Jupiter, the giant of the solar system with its 4 brightest moons, the famous dark ‘bands’ and the enormous red spot. Saturn, the undisputed king of planetary observations, we will see not only the rings but we will appreciate the planet’s shadow on them, the divisions and transparency, the colours… with an incredible sense of three-dimensionality that seems to be projected.
Finally, we will make an observation of the sky with the naked eye to learn to recognise the constellations and dimensions not only of our solar system but of the entire known universe.


People of all ages, with and without basic knowledge of astronomy, in groups of minimum 2 and maximum 10 people.


Inside the Teide National Park at an altitude between 1400 and 2200 meters, the precise position changes according to the time of year, to the weather that is very variable at altitude and to the type of objects that are visible at that time, you will be informed 6 hours in advance on Whatsapp about the exact location where will we meet.

The duration is approximately 2 hour and 30 minutes / 3 hours, it begins 1 hour before sunset and it will be necessary wait for complete darkness to be able to observe the constellations. Since the sunset time varies throughout the year, you will be informed at e morning of same tour’s day about start time.
ATTENTION in the 4/5 days preceding and following full moon it is not possible to see clearly the objects of the deep sky due to the light reflected in the atmosphere from the moon itself, so in these days the tours are not carried out.

Reservation must be received at least 6 hours before the tour start time. For booking requests after the deadline, please contact us. We remind you to keep your mobile phone switched on for last minute communications. Maximum punctuality is required, we strongly recommend that you arrive at the meeting point at least 15 minutes before the communicated time. If you arrive late, you can miss the tour. It is not necessary print the ticket (just show it to the guide from your mobile phone). If you do not receive the ticket by e-mail in few minutes after the purchase, please check your spam folder.


We do not offer or organize any transportation services. It is necessary move with your own car or taxi to the place of observation.


The tour is available in Spanish, English and Italian.


The observation takes place in the open air. At night the temperature can drop considerably in the park at over 2200 meters, so there is a substantial thermal shock respect to the coastal areas. Normally in summer it reaches even 7/8 degrees celsius (44/46 ° F), while in winter it arrives even around zero (30/32 ° F). It is necessary to wear warm clothing, better with a hood for the head, trousers, long socks and closed shoes. Blankets are eventually provided. The telescope is a reflector and is 2 meters high, the eyepiece is located in the upper part differently from the amateur lens telescopes, so in some conditions, when the instrument is almost vertical, it will be necessary use a small staircase of 3 steps (slightly illuminated) that will be at your disposal. Pay further attention to the type of shoes to wear in order to avoid slipping, the staircase is robust and has a support for the hands, our guide will offer further help to people who will need it. In this pandemic period, each participant will have to wear his own mask and keep a safe distance from other people, hand sanitizer gel will be provided and the telescope will be disinfected before and during each tour.


The Company reserves the right to modify the conditions for carrying out the activity for reasons beyond its control or for events of force majeure.
The observation can be suspended due to meteorological reasons (clouds, rain, strong wind, etc.), or in the unlikely event that the minimum number of 4 people is not reached at the deadline. In these cases we will contact you as soon as possible (we recommend checking your e-mail and mobile phone on the afternoon of the observation). We will offer an alternative date (subject to availability) or a full refund.
The customer can request (subject to availability) to change his reservation (for example, change of date, number of participants, etc.) at no additional cost, up to 48 hours before the start of the tour. After the deadline, the changes requested by the customer will not be accepted. In addition, the customer can cancel his reservation at a charge of 10%, up to 48 hours before the start of the tour. Once the deadline has expired, cancellations will not be refunded. To cancel or modify the reservation (within the deadline) the customer must send us in writing (exclusively by e-mail) the date of the tour, the reservation number, his name and the telephone indicated during registration, specifying if he wishes cancel the ticket, change the date or number of people, or other. In the event of changes in the reservation (both by the customer and the Company), the same cancellation policy described above will be applied: the customer can request to change his reservation up to 48 hours before the new date set for the tour. After the deadline, the changes requested by the customer will not be accepted. Also, the customer can cancel his reservation at a charge of 10% , up to 48 hours before the new date set for the tour. Once the deadline has expired, cancellations will not be refunded. By booking this tour and paying the corresponding amount, you confirm that you have read and accepted our cancellation policy.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Refunds will be made EXCLUSIVELY with the same payment method. (by credit card or PayPal): Refunds will be issued within 7 working days.


Adults – 39 euros

Children from 10 to 18 years – 19 euros

Children from 0 to 9 years – free

Resident adults – 25 euros

Resident children from 10 to 18 years – 12 euros

Resident children from 0 to 9 years – free

Family Pack (2 adults+2 children 10-18) – 97 euros. (1 child free)

Group of 6 adults – 195 euros. (1 adult free)

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